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Sanctuary Hua Hin

When time is of the essence, we invite you to come and rejuvenate your senses within our tropical paradise of tranquility. This is the residence that you truly deserve, your own personal hideaway to keep you relaxed, recharged from the hustle and bustle of the busy world.

Here at The Sanctuary Hua Hin, we respect your individuality and tailor the environment to suit your lifestyle, making sure you feel perfectly at home with us.

Each of our lavish living spaces feature timelessly elegant detailing-from the plush interiors and fabric choices to the antique furnishings and carefully-chosen trimmings and fixtures. The unique decor is complemented by state-of-the-art amenities, to create a luxurious harmony of comfort and sensorial tranquility set in generously ample living spaces with room to breathe.

When business travel takes you away from home for weeks ,or even months at a time, We offers you the luxury, safety and privacy you need.


Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

Turning back to the time when our grandmother was still young, Hua Hin was the one and only beach resort in Thailand exclusively suitable for noble and rich families. The train was the most modern transportation to travel to Hua Hin at that time. development of the railway, Hua Hin has gradually become well known for its nice and clean beach. It has attracted more and more sea lovers to come every year up until now. As time goes by, Hua Hin has maintained its popularity along with the mushrooming of modern luxury hotels and resorts. Nonetheless, old style buildings and wooden beach houses which are well preserved can provide a sense of classic Hua Hin.

Around and Beyond Sanctuary Hua Hin

Nowadays, Hua Hin is easily accessed by car or train but it is classic to travel by train to the point where our “Hua Hin Railway Station” which is known as the most spectacular train station in Thailand. Besides the daily trains, there is the old train which is no longer used and has been transformed into a train library. This library contains a lot of books donated from across the world. Located nearby the Railway Station is the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course which is has been a dream destination of many golfers.

Attraction & Tourism

Let’s move away from the beach to the mountain scenery. One hour’s drive from the town centre of Hua Hin to the Hua Hin Hills Vineyard, one of the few vineyards in Thailand. Tourists can take an elephant riding tour to enjoy picking grapes at their own pace. After being tired from picking grapes, The Sala is vista of the Hua Hin hills. A short walk to the beach tourists can enjoy a public beach where sand is nice and clean. However, strolling on the beach is less fashionable than riding on horseback. This evokes the old time ambience when riding a horse on Hat Hua Hin was an activity for the rich and noble people.